FEIN e.V. Annual Association Meeting

Posted by Jonas Schneider on March 11, 2024

Dear members of FEIN e.V., Dear ACS colleagues, who are interested in becoming member of our association,

Please feel invited to our yearly association meeting of FEIN e.V.. It will take place at the E.ON ERC Mathieustr. 10, 52074 Aachen conference room 24 or via Zoom at the 19.03.2024 at 16h.

Please think in advance about virtual events and potential speakers for such events. Proposals on topics and persons are needed.

The following agenda is planned:

  1. Welcome, MoM, voting rights
  2. Acceptance of agenda
  3. Acceptance of last protocol
  4. Report of the Steering Committee (Antonello Monti)
  5. Report of the Treasurer (Wilfried Gier)
  6. Report of the Accounts Auditor (Nicole Bielders /Stefan Lankes)
  7. Approval of acts of Steering Committee (all)
  8. Election of two new Accounts Auditors (all, yearly)
  9. Report of the working groups and new allocation of members
    1. Event
    2. Website
  10. Planning of further activities (all)
  11. Motions
    1. Motion for increase of membership fees
    2. Other motions
  12. Any other business

Feel free to add further agenda points. Motions can be added up to one week prior to the meeting.

Also the addition of further members is very welcome.

Best regards,
Bettina Schäfer
Deputy Chairperson FEIN e.V.