The association

Förderer der Energie- und Informationstechnik für zukünftige Netze Aachen e.V.

The association „Förderer der Energie- und Informationstechnik für zukunftsfähige Netze Aachen e.V. (FEIN Aachen e.V.)“ aims to promote science and research in the area of energy and information technology for sustainable grids.

This is realized according to the statute by (excerpt):

  • Promotion of the scientific and practical engineering education,
  • Organizing student excursions,
  • Promotion of the upcoming scientists, especially with the goal of equality between men and women in the area of energy and information technology,
  • Communication and public relation,
  • Promotion of research projects,
  • Organization of meetings, events, seminars and symposiums,
  • Obtaining funds for the realization of the purposes of the association,
  • Promotion of the scientific exchange of ideas in the mentioned areas with persons, companies, societies, unions and authorities,
  • Promoting the forming of a social and professional network among the members of the association and with former and current employees of the Institute for Automation of Complex Power Systems (ACS) as well as social activities in the network.
  • Furthermore, results of publically funded research will be released on the FEIN website, aiming to spread the know-how and the utilization of the developments of the institute.

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