ENERGETICA2030 Web Seminar

Dynamic Phasor Theory and Applications in Power Systems

Veröffentlicht von Markus Mirz am 29.07.2020

ENERGETICA2030 invites you to a web seminar on:

Dynamic Phasor Theory and Applications in Power Systems

The speakers are Prof. Antonello Monti and Markus Mirz.

  • Date: August 13th of 2020
  • Time: 10:00 (Colombia) / 17:00 (Germany) / 15:00 (UTC)
  • Registration: online

ENERGETICA2030 is a research program with the main goal to develop a comprehensive strategy for the transformation of the Colombian energy sector, oriented to its reliability and social, economic, and environmental sustainability in the horizon of the year 2030. This program is composed of 10 projects and has a consortium of 8 Colombian Universities, three Colombian Energy and Communication Companies, 10 International Universities, and 1 International Institute. The web seminars are linked with Project 9 related to the supervision, operation, and protection of Power Systems with high penetration of Renewables. ENERGETICA2030 is funded by all the participant institutions and awarded by Grant 778- 2017 of the Colombian Ministry of Science with the contract number FP44842-210-2018.