Open Source Software Projects

Goal of FEIN Aachen is to promote and publish software projects, which were developed as a part of the research at the Institute ACS. The association is of the opinion that these research results should be available to everyone in the form of open source software.

Downloads are available on our software page.

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The following list is an excerpt of the software developed at the institute:


Toolset for distributed real-time simulation and HIL testbed interconnection


Dynamic phasor power system simulation library in C++


Power systems Modelica library


Graphical CIM XML-RDF editor based on new HTML5 / JS / SVG web technologies


Deserialiser library for C++ objects from XML/RDF documents based on CIM standards


Template based converter from CIM to other formats such as Modelica system models


A Unikernel for Extreme-Scale Computing

State Space Model for Distribution Grids

Matlab code to generate the state-space A and B matrices of electrical distribution grids, including inverter, loads and lines components.

Distribution System State Estimator

Matlab code of a voltage and current state estimator for distribution systems.

A Model for Propagation of Uncertainty

Matlab code to generate models for the propagation of uncertainty of monitoring systems in static- and dynamic-state conditions.


A teaching operating system written in Rust

PV generator

Software tool to generate PV power profiles

You can find more projects on our GitHub and GitLab profiles:

Projekte des Insituts ACS auf GitLab

Projekte des Instituts ACS auf GitHub

Betriebssystem-Projekte der RWTH Aachen